PA1 and PA6 Course Content
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PA1 and PA6 Course Content

Number of participants: Up to 9 people                Number of instructors: 1                Duration: 3 days including PA1 Test.





To understand the course objectives Read objectives in Test Schedule

Understand definition of Pesticide Questioning

Understand Pesticides related legislation Use of Overhead Projector (OHP) slides

Understand the legal and environmental necessity to keep pesticides out of water Discussion and use of definitions - Handout (HO)

Understand the necessity to only use approved pesticides Use of product label

Understand the legislative training and certification requirements Use of OHP slides and discussion

Understand product application rates Use of product label


Basic understanding of COSHH in relation to the use of pesticides Use of OHP slides, HOs and discussion


Understand information detailed on product labels Use of product label in discussion groups with worksheet

Be able to identify, select and understand maintenance and storage of PPE Handle sample PPE, use of Crop Protection Association (CPA) guides

Understand environmental issues of using pesticides Discussion, HO's and CPA guides

Understand correct storage of pesticides Discussion and HO's
2 Understand correct transportation of pesticides HO's
  Understand environmental issues of spray drift HO's and CPA guide
  Understand the records that must be kept HO's
  Understand the correct methods of disposal HO's
  Understand emergency procedures including personal contamination Discussion
  To ensure understanding of requirements to pass PA1 test and course review Test Schedule
  To understand the importance of an Environmental Risk Assessment Q&A, OHP slides, HO
  Up to 3 PA1 GOLA test  
3 To understand how a Knapsack Sprayer works Knapsack Sprayer, HOs, OHP slides
  To understand how to undertake the required Knapsack Sprayer checks Knapsack Sprayer, HOs
  To understand how various nozzles work Nozzles, HOs, OHP slides, demonstration
  1 To be able to calibrate a Knapsack Sprayer Knapsack Sprayer, HOs, demonstration, practice
  1 To be able to use a Knapsack Sprayer to apply simulated pesticide to a given area Knapsack Sprayer, demonstration, practice
  To understand how to clean and store the Knapsack Sprayer and PPE Knapsack Sprayer, demonstration, OHP slides
  To ensure understanding of requirements to pass PA6 test and course review Test Schedule

Break times are taken as follows: 15 mins in the morning, 30 mins lunch and 15 mins during the afternoon. Timings are flexible depending on start and finish times to fit in with customer and or participants.

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